Twitter Chats

A Tweet Chat screen shot for #YAlit

Back in March I decided to start a monthly chat on Twitter using the hashtag #LBSchat. I thought it would be fun to feature authors as guests and have them take questions from followers. Basically, a Twitter chat is a focused online conversation surrounding a topic. Twitter users can follow along and participate in the conversation using a hashtag (#example). I find using Tweet Chat is the easiest way to participate. You can enter the hashtag at the top of the page and then it automatically updates every tweet with it so that others can see what you have to say, too. The feed for the hashtag also displays on the screen (see right). If you are lost already don’t worry! There is a better and more detailed explanation of Twitter chats over at the Social Media Examiner. I was concerned it would be difficult promotion, but it turned out great! It was the perfect way to get my audience involved in our brand.

Would Twitter chats work for your brand? What are some themes that could enhance your brand?

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